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What Clients Have Said

Natasha has really helped me turn a corner for my business. I often end up being so busy working purely for my clients I don’t have space and time to devote to my own business and messaging. This has now started to change. Natasha has guided me through a better understanding of where I am now and where I want to be at the same time as keeping me answerable on consistency, ensuring my fast paced thoughts go in the right direction and that I put the right building blocks in place.


Social Media Ads Strategist

After just one session I felt my career path was more defined and that I’d gained some clarity about the sort of career that I might be suited to.  The session also made me realise that actually I’d been pursuing something that was totally unsuited to my personality and that I had skills that meant I could excel at other things.  I feel a massive sense of relief about ditching something that’s been making me unhappy.  Natasha made me realise that I shouldn’t feel guilty and there was something different out there that I now look forward to exploring further.


Social Media Trainer

I was recently having a problem deciding the next direction for my digital marketing services and what elements offer the most value for my clients.

I chose to work with Natasha because we had trained together on an advanced Facebook Accelerator course and I knew she was someone who thought like I did.  Natasha had recently side stepped into coaching and I felt confident that she understood me, the digital marketing environment and the type of SME clients I have been working with.

Natasha helped me by challenging me to think about making my business focus more around the bits I love and excel at and helped me identify my sweet spot. What I particularly liked about her approach was she listened to me and asked questions that I would not necessarily think of, she forced me to think outside of my comfort zone and inspired to imagine how life would be if I did follow my gut.  Natasha helped me move past my nerves around taking that big leap and she encouraged me to embrace my passion, combine it with what I do day to day for existing clients and build the business around those two elements and grow it to the next level.  

I would absolutely recommend Natasha to anybody who is self employed and has a good business model but would like to take the next step or leap to grow their business, change direction or start a new venture and needs the help and support of a no pressure business coach.


Elated Social

I knew Natasha was my tribe – and she had my back! As a creative, I live with all tabs open… which isn’t juggle, it’s actually just noise with a large dose of self-inflicted procrastination! So many business ideas, so many personal and professional barriers to realising a career that could restore my quality of life and help me thrive. One by one, the tabs are closing and I have a clear lens on what I need to do to be the person I want to be. I can’t be everything to all people and Natasha helped me see that. I’m a natural creative thinker and problem solver, so I need to shine in my zone of genius! Natasha’s zone? Reading and realising people’s potential and then equipping them to achieve! Highly recommend getting on board the Pickup train, it’ll change your life for the better!


Freelance Creative