Why you need a high ticket offer.

I spent a large proportion of my life doing jobs which meant ticking other people’s boxes and jumping through their metaphorical hoops. 

But when it comes to being a tick in a box, there is a deep part of me that wants to run for the hill screaming “You don’t get to define me – I don’t want to tick your boxes!” 

Because of how I feel – especially as I’ve got older – I’ve been on a journey to find out how I can make a break to freedom and escape the boxes created by other people.  

After I had kids, rather than getting a part time job, an alternative to box ticking seemed to be freelancing. 

I did copywriting, I did social media and I did Facebook Ads for a bit too. At last I was free from being a tick in a box! (Surely?)

Maybe I WAS free from boxes, but now there were new problems. 

Although I was working for myself, I still didn’t feel free. Why? Because I was working all hours and seemed to go from having no clients at all to working ALL THE TIME. I was trapped by my work while simultaneously being on minimum wage. 

I knew I had to do something different but couldn’t work out what it was.   

After lots of exploration I have now found the answer. The answer is…(drumroll) to start creating – not just doing the do.

So what I mean is. Create something that you can sell. Something big. I call this your ‘high ticket offer.’ 

A high ticket offer can use all of the skills you have now and all of your strengths and if marketed well, will make you some good money.  You’ll feel fulfilled while delivering it because you created it in line with your values and strengths. And you’ll have more time because you aren’t spending all your hours working for low pay. 

A high ticket offer means you can sell diamonds instead of coal.

I appreciate coal would be more precious if we didn’t have central heating, but right now, diamonds are worth more. They don’t take up much space and they are worth a lot. 

You will notice that the people making lots of money aren’t doing the do most of the time. They are creating stuff.

So this is my challenge to you.


What could you create NOW? (Without another course)

What could your high ticket offer be?

Start to think about it and start to get excited because this is where everything changes for you my lovely.

My name is Natasha Pickup and I help women business owners create high ticket offers to give them more money, fulfilment and time. 

DM me with the word ‘high ticket’ if you’d like to find out more about how I can help.


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