How to make the most of the money you spend on courses.

Have you done all the courses and found you still aren’t where you want to be? 

You probably look at other women who seem to be flying and wonder – if they are flying why aren’t I? Maybe I just don’t work hard enough. Maybe I’m just not good enough. Maybe those people are just skinnier / richer / more hard working than me or have more time. Maybe they are super human. 

Maybe some people are a little bit super human, but there are lots of people out there who feel exactly the same way as you.

Lots of people I coach say pretty much the same thing. 

They say:

We want to be valued. We want fulfilment. We want to earn enough to have a nice life. We don’t want the world. We just want a world that works for our families. 

And yet…that is pretty elusive to the vast majority of us. Why?

And why do we still feel like that after doing all the courses?

I believe the reason that courses aren’t always the best use of money at any given moment, is because without sorting out your mindset first and getting clear on your strengths and values and what you have to offer the world, you won’t be getting value from your investment on courses.

So if you are certain of your direction and love your work – I believe courses are a good thing. This is upskilling and I LOVE it.

But if you feel like I did – I knew in my heart of hearts I wasn’t on the right track and I didn’t enjoy the work. Let me be blunt – no amount of courses will ‘fix’ that feeling because the answers are inside you.

I may have done more courses than you (just maybe – let me know). 

Do I have any regrets? No! I’m super pleased that I’m a qualified marketer, French speaker, teacher of children, copywriter, social media expert, ads expert, and teacher of English to adults (with counselling skills thrown in)

Doing all this has made me who I am and is part of my journey. Without having done all this I wouldn’t be where I am now – and I certainly wouldn’t have the skills to market my business. So I don’t have any regrets. Not one.

However, I could have saved a sh*t ton of money by sorting out my mindset and getting clear on my strengths BEFORE doing all the courses. Some of my clients say the same thing. They wish they had done this work on mindset and direction before paying for all the things. 

The answer to all of your questions about how to get more money, more clients, more fulfilment isn’t on the OUTSIDE of you – its INSIDE you. Sure it might need a polish and to be presented nicely but it’s all there. Right under your nose. The one place you didn’t look.

Crazy, huh?


If you really want to build your business or career this year look at what you could create if you stopped passively waiting for other people to create courses for you to ‘upskill’ with and started to be the author of your own life.

What if you were perfect and could charge more money just as you are without adding another skill to your repertoire?

Now wouldn’t that be something. 

Go here to join my group for more discussion and debate on such topics.


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