Niching – Start with your WHO

Ok so many of us have freaked out about niching at some point. You aren’t alone.

Some of us have it sorted for now. Some of us are nearly there. And some of us are hiding under a rock.

And it’s all good….

Rather than asking ‘what is my niche?’ you can make this question far more cuddly by asking:

WHO can I best help with my thing right now?

Here’s why you should choose your WHO.

1. Your WHO will limit your competition – if you go for an interview or pitch as a specialist (e.g. publishing social media expert) you are far more likely to get close to the finish line and are likely to win more business as a result.

2. Your WHO will help you stand out to prospective clients – They will make a beeline for you if you demonstrate experience and show you understand their needs. People love passion and by knowing all about WHO, you can show you have an affinity for their product, and that you have have results in the field.

3. Choosing your WHO you help builds greater trust and credibility – Word that you’re good gets around within defined industries and networks. It’s far easier to be known in one industry than ten.

4. Choosing your WHO makes marketing soooo much easier– you can define exactly who the customer is and develop messages that leap out at them and answer their needs. You can solve their problems. You can do market research to find out more about them. Your content will be relevant and most likely answer problems they are having. Nearly all shite marketing is down to a floppy WHO.

5. Choosing your WHO makes marketing quicker and cheaper – Its cheaper to run ads to a niche than to everyone. And far less work. And why be working across all social media channels when you can nail one or two? I’m all for cutting out unnecessary work!

6. Choosing your WHO is good for SEO – If the words on your website are the right ones for your WHO, it will be easier to attract the right people.

7. Choosing your WHO will make it easier to establish a network – you’ll quickly build up industry contacts and client contacts in one field. It’s so much easier than getting to know everyone.

8. Choosing a WHO means more spondoolies – It’s easier to make more money when you niche.

Is this you after reading this? –

Yeah, yeah I know all that, but I just don’t STILL don’t know who I should be talking to. I don’t know my niche. It’s freaking me out.

Ok firstly, here is a bit of really good advice I got from the lovely Helen Pritchard: PICK ONE.

Actually you can change this ONE if it doesn’t work so actually it’s not that much of a big deal choosing a niche or a WHO. It’s certainly not a wedding dress or a house.

All good marketing is about testing so pick one WHO and go at it like a dog eating hot chips for the next three months. Test, test, test – and see how it fits you. Be scientific about it. If it doesn’t work out – you can change. But you need to PICK ONE and give it your best shot.

Do it, you won’t regret it.

Trust me, once you have a niche or a WHO it will all fall into place. For now.

And if it doesn’t work out you will be further along your path of finding out what is the right thing for you. So IT’S ALL GOOD! Make the jump.

Take the pressure off about making sure this WHO has to be absolutely perfect. It doesn’t. You are testing it.

This is part of the journey so hurry up and get on the road.

If you STILL Have no idea on what your niche is, here are a few coaching style questions to get the juices flowing.

Get a notepad out and brainstorm freely.

1. What areas have you worked in?

2. What industries have your clients worked in?

3. Who do you connect best with?

4. Whose problems can you solve best?

5. What are you most passionate about?

6. What do you love to do for fun?

7. What’s the most important thing in your life right now?

8. What problem have you solved and overcome in life that you could help others with? (For example I’ve spent years not knowing my life and business plan and now I help people pull together a life and business plan. Because I’ve overcome that thing).

And then when you’ve finished brainstorming…PICK ONE.

So no more messing about, be brave put a stake in the ground.

WHO can you best serve right now? I’d love to know so drop me a DM or a comment and let me know.

If you work with me I will help you to find and storm your WHO – DM me if you’d like to book a one hour clarity call to sort this out shizzle once and for all.


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