Why I got jiggy with my weak spots

Ok, so one of the things I’ve realised about myself as I get older is that I’m a sensitive kinda gal.

When I was in my twenties and I worked in marketing, I hoped it would go away.

I did my best to try and ‘bury’ my sensitivity and hide it at all cost. I thought I had to act tough at one stage – Let’s be honest, I probably came across as a right tw*t.

I worked as a teacher in my thirties.

My people skills made me awesome at it.

I have a passion for helping others but I’d often get overwhelmed in the classroom by all the noise and the perpetual demands on my attention.

Once I had kids and there were demands on my attention at home too – I realised teaching was a no go. It was just waaaaay too much for me.

Then I was lucky enough to do the Digital Mums social media course. This was actually a blessing because the people I have met as a result of doing this course have been awesome – plus – my social media skills are kick ass. Always useful right?

But again, my sensitivity became an issue. Sensitivity and being always ‘switched on’ is a match made in hell…

Like hangovers – my sensitivity has got worse as I’ve got older.

It was only in my forties where I said to myself

‘Imagine if sensitive were OK….where could being sensitive actually come in handy?’

Answer – Often in writing and art but also …coaching and psychotherapy!

I did lots of thinking and realised the answer for me at my current life stage is Coaching and Psychotherapy.

As a coach – being sensitive actually HELPS. It’s not a problem any more.

In fact nearly all of my personal attributes such as being a people person, seeing the big picture, being creative and loving people and wanting to help them – they are all actual benefits in coaching rather than flaws.

And if anyone wants to tweak their business path or divert their career, I would tell them to ask themselves the same question.

“Where is my weakness a strength?”

You’ll probably unearth your superpower in the process.

Au Revoir


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